Make a Stand

from by Mister Fusty



You can't stop, shouting out
Don't drop, have no doubt
It won't, go away
make a stand, make it today

You won't change a thing
(with your Facebook group)
go shout and sing
(and face the truth)
walk up tall
(to the town hall)

Ice caps, they will go
they'll make, a reality show
About folk, that live in boats
the poor sink, opportunity floats

The business man, his only concern
is his pocket, the rest can burn
They want, to swim in oil
Put the planet in the oven
cover it in foil


from Over the Rocky Mountains, released September 21, 2009


all rights reserved



Mister Fusty Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Mister Fusty is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, who is based in Newcastle, UK. Rob started making music in his home studio in 2006 and has been releasing a steady stream of albums and EPs since. His style varies between electronic instrumentals and guitar-based vocal lo-fi indie pop. ... more

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