The Waiting Room

by Mister Fusty



released August 1, 2011

Written and Produced by Rob Gibson at Monkseaton Studios, Whitley Bay, UK

Mastering and additional mixing by Jimmy Ether, Georgia, USA

Artwork by Paul Thompson

Kiev Station sample used in Track 11 by "Bram" at The Freesound Project

For Andrea and Miss C. Nipp


all rights reserved



Mister Fusty Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Mister Fusty is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, who is based in Newcastle, UK. Rob started making music in his home studio in 2006 and has been releasing a steady stream of albums and EPs since. His style varies between electronic instrumentals and guitar-based vocal lo-fi indie pop. ... more

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Track Name: All Seeing Eye
She took the only way she could go
to turn from her dead end
All the pressure and the talk
Meetings she can’t attend

Tired and beat she hit the street
and decided to follow the stars

Seeing eye knows this

They, crushed the life right out of her
Locked the door forever
“Surely it’s best for everyone..”

On the bridge she takes a pause
And thinks the thing through
The river bed gains some clothes
As she decides what to do

When you swim against the tide
life can be so tough
She took a dive to survive
And that was just enough
Track Name: Empty Chairs
John and Julia, never made it 'round for tea.

I couldn't take it in at all
When suddenly the news came through
Taken so young, far too early
What's poor John going to do?

The chairs are in the garden
The picture's by my side
The chairs are in the garden
The rain has made them rotten

So I took a picture
Of the empty chairs outside
Put in a frame, a reminder
of the hurt I feel inside
Track Name: Running Off the Edge of the World
It’s better you know
then to be told later
you’ve fallen out
with those people before

Gather your strength
start again tomorrow
it won’t be easy but
we’ll win this war

Run with us
Spend some real time with us
things are really fine with us
we’re all you need

They don’t like you
just don’t trust them
they will say
you dont fit in

you can be part of
something to believe in
stand up to them
don’t take it on the chin
Track Name: Rainbow Valley
the mountaintop that touches the sky
I took on the biggest challenge to climb

Too many travellers before me
Never made it, they’re left to die

I was determined it wouldn’t happen to me
but I’m frozen forever in Rainbow Valley

There’s many of us stranded here
Never going home, never getting clear

We never made it up to the top
This place got too much made us stop

This harrowing wind never ends
Cold & dry we get the bends

So here I sit propped up by my pack
Statue-still I’m never coming back
Track Name: All at Sea
Copper coloured clouds collect
in the skies grey light reflects

the window frames need a clean
the cat has jumped up to see

I met you on the seafront today
cool calm collected like the waves

your face melted at the news
like ice cream drops on your shoes

I tried to change the subject
it doesn't work, you looked away
I look around for an answer
and kinder words to say

crabs scuttled across the sand
my threadbare glove took your hand
we went inside the wind got strong
while coffee weak, the words are wrong
Track Name: Maniacs
You’re never gonna find the answer here You’re gonna have to look on your own
I’ll meet you here in a thousand years or so

You’re never gonna find all that stuff here
I think you’d better be on your way
Maybe you can mind your own business today

I don’t wanna tell the people upstairs
That you’ve been sniffing around
Your kind of talk makes men go underground

There’s always something that’ll you’ll never know
When maniacs are running the show

I think you might have done it for real this time I think you may have pushed it too far
I think you’d better start the engine on your car
Track Name: Chemistry
Got to stop myself from feeling so forlorn
Pack my bag and go the flight leaves at dawn

Oh you, I’ve been away from you far too long
What’s new, the nagging feeling something has gone wrong

Satellites they track my route across the sky
Tracing circles, lines and lanes where I fly

Oh you, the knowledge that you’ll be there by my side
It’s true, the plan we have unfolds nothing to hide

in the clubs and the strip bars, generals chomp on their cigars
soon they’ll be shut out all on their own
in the desert there’s a seed, that fulfils a simple need
to be grown

Watch this crazy world explain what we’ve done
The obvious answer sometimes not only one

Us two, a chemistry distilled by destiny
Oh you, the sparks in your eyes are really all I see
Track Name: Cargo
He looked out across the morning
the air was clear on this bright day
then the boat appeared without warning
and the harbour master looked away
bowed his head and felt afraid

this sinister ship was getting nearer
closer to the journey's end
his heart & mind became clearer
and the harbour master will defend
taking part in this charade again

It's about the money
I need it for my family
look out for yourself
Take it from me
Track Name: Tattershall
It’s been far too long since I had some fun
Walked around a park with my face in the sun
Parading arm in arm with a special someone
Oh I need it, I need it

I thought I was condemned to be by myself
Years going by kept stuck on the shelf
But something going on that I can’t explain
But I feel it, I feel it

You know, it’s so
funny the way
Things turn out better some days

I wear my glad rags with a nervous grin
Steady my jitters with splash of gin
Almost lost but I see our rendezvous
Yes I see it, I see it

You know, it’s so
hard to see
something positive in front of me

So hear I am, it’s been a long while
He’s there amongst the peacocks, with a welcome smile
This will always be a treasured memory
and I’ll keep it, I’ll keep it.