Over the Rocky Mountains

by Mister Fusty

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Mister Fusty is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, who is based in Whitley Bay, England.

His first two albums, "Honest Blundering" (2006) and "Sparkle Darkly" (2007) consisted of instrumental nuggets of electronic lo-fi lounge pop - hard to categorize but easy on the ear.
2008's "Sprung" EP was the last foray into instrumental-only releases as since then Rob has decided to give vocals a chance and has been lovingly crafting songs ready for release this year.

The latest album "Over the Rocky Mountains" still retains the pop sensibility and catchiness of his instrumental albums but this time using vocal melody and harmony to fully flesh out his pop song aspirations.

The album is an eclectic mix, the opening track, "Rocky", is a straight-up rock song, albeit with some typical Fusty flourishes. "Airport Lounge" waltzes with some old-fashioned keyboards, while the melancholic "Wake Me Up When The Future's Rosy" sounds like it could have come from a number of late 1980's indie bands. There is even a disco-esque track, "Grumpy Like Me", a tongue-in-cheek song of devotion between snarky lovers.


released September 21, 2009

Written and Produced by Rob Gibson in 2008/9 at Monkseaton Studios, Whitley Bay, England.

All instruments and warbling by Rob Gibson
Backing vocals & handclaps on Track 10 by Andrea Gibson.

Mastered by Jimmy Ether.
Cover art by Paul Thompson.

For Ian.

Thanks to Jimmy Ether, John Lane (Expo), Paul Thompson, Jeff Boller (The Simple Carnival), Gaz and Daniel (The Heavenly Spheres), and of course mountains of love and thanks to Andrea. There's probably people I have forgotten, for that I apologise in advance.



all rights reserved



Mister Fusty Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Mister Fusty is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, who is based in Newcastle, UK. Rob started making music in his home studio in 2006 and has been releasing a steady stream of albums and EPs since. His style varies between electronic instrumentals and guitar-based vocal lo-fi indie pop. ... more

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Track Name: Rocky
This septic isle means nothing
to me any more
Let's scheme & plan
to keep the wolves from our door

Over the rocky mountains
with you
Over the Rocky Mountains
for a new life
Over the Rocky Mountains
we'll fly

Across the Atlantic ocean
in a north country place
by a fjord overlooked by mountains
in our dreams we'll find a space

I was wistfully watching in Sylvia's
the boats in English bay
And the English aren't worth watching
that's why we have to find a way
Track Name: Make a Stand
You can't stop, shouting out
Don't drop, have no doubt
It won't, go away
make a stand, make it today

You won't change a thing
(with your Facebook group)
go shout and sing
(and face the truth)
walk up tall
(to the town hall)

Ice caps, they will go
they'll make, a reality show
About folk, that live in boats
the poor sink, opportunity floats

The business man, his only concern
is his pocket, the rest can burn
They want, to swim in oil
Put the planet in the oven
cover it in foil
Track Name: Talk
Talk and talk 'til I'm blue in the face
How the did I get in this place?
How the hell do I get out of here?

You words don't carry much weight downtown

Totally out of my depth
I'll be here 'til I run out of breath

Why can't I be right?
Why can't it be for once?
Track Name: Airport Lounge
Remember the time
Choking on chocolate on the Champs Elysees?
Or drinking sekt wine
In Prague on the night we called Champagne Wednesday?

Jazz in New York,
with large bourbons that I can't forget
Toronto Island,
My carer and me out at sunset

Those moments would be nothing without you
I wish that was all we'd do

Remember the ride
that crazy cab down to Charleroi
Drinking out of skulls
in The Coffin, that scary Brussels bar

Sagrada Familia Fantastico
You me and Amelie watching Wilco

Those moments would be nothing without you
I wish that was all we'd do

Bruges canals
Those balmy Belgian beery summers nights
A Galway bus ride
funny accent driver points out the sights

Dublin Town
then on the DART heading out to Dalkey
Freezing ice bar
Copenhagen where the prices are crazy

Those moments would be nothing without you
I wish that was all we'd do

Don't forget Berlin.
Track Name: Black Rain
Hopeless, never felt so hopeless
Stood in the rain
Watching the clouds going over my head
Feeling the pain of a world that is dead.

Whatcha do now?
Whatcha gonna do now?
Track Name: Exit
You can't tell people no more
That even winning a war
Will put us back on top this time
When there is nothing here
To celebrate or cheer
We'll blank it out with beer and wine

There has to be a way out
Track Name: Grumpy Like Me
I'm not a people person
I've always been this way
It's not that I'm anti-social
Ok well, maybe I am today

But I love you because you're grumpy like me
We go so well together cos we're Team Grouchy

Scowling at the noisy people
It's a pastime that we share
Pointing at all the young folk
Moaning on about their crazy hair

We share a shake of the head
at a man talking loud on his phone
we're trying to enjoy this dinner
why won't people leave us alone?
Track Name: Blankety Blank
I can't think of what to say
You've gone and caught me on a bad day
My mind is blank and I know why
I'm not very clever I tell no lie

I wish I could summon the right words
to make this song the best you've ever heard
But I can not think of anything
worthwhile to sing

I bet Bob Dylan isn't worrying
I think I'll just say anything

I make this up as I go along
I'm desperate to finish this song
Track Name: Wake Me Up When the Future's Rosy
The curtains are drawn
The room is shrouded in darkness

There could be daylight, outside
but I wouldn't know

Optimistic, I used to be
but I can't sit and watch TV
without gloom descending around me

Youth blinkers the bad
You get older, you start to feel sad

Wake me up when the future's rosy,
I need to lie down, I'm feeling dizzy
Bury my head, in the pillows
I wait for the time
when I'll wipe the tears from your eyes
and then we'll be happy

It's a game, it's a race, it's a play
And I've fallen off the stage
the slightest thing I'm in a rage
Track Name: A Balloon Flies Over Ruskington
When we were young, footloose and fancy free
We had no money and no responsibility
Bombing about in your curry-coloured car
Long-haired and longing for the bar

A Balloon in the sky
Flying higher than high
This balloon floats away
Out of sight

I am the spirit without a bed
As I once quite drunkenly said
oh the nights in the Nottingham days
We laughed so hard in the smoky haze

A Balloon in the sky
Flying higher than high
This balloon floats away
Out of sight

It seems to me like it was yesterday
Growing up seemed so far away
But life is cruel and now you're gone
I guess we'll just have to carry on

A Balloon in the sky
Flying higher than high
This balloon flies out of sight