Everyone is shouting, no one is listening

by Mister Fusty



released July 24, 2016

Written and recorded by Rob Gibson
at Heaton Audio Labs, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, in 2016



all rights reserved



Mister Fusty Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Mister Fusty is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, who is based in Newcastle, UK. Rob started making music in his home studio in 2006 and has been releasing a steady stream of albums and EPs since. His style varies between electronic instrumentals and guitar-based vocal lo-fi indie pop. ... more

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Track Name: A Lapse of Concentration
Look here’s a hummingbird
As she hovers into view
The trees catch the breeze
And shakes off all of the dew

I put the shampoo bottle down
Make my way down the aisle
I’m sure my mind’s not right
It hasn’t been for a while

It’s such a silly thing
What am I supposed to do?

I exit on to the high street
I see something on the floor
It looks like a bullet shell
I’ve just stepped into a war

Imagination running wild
You just can make it up
Synapses firing away
Every waking step
My concentration is lapsing
Track Name: Getting Away With It
I made a visit
To the old town
The people there
Looked tired and
Beaten down

You never cared
About them anyway
Moving on and out
Along a shiny highway

I can’t believe
After all this time you’re still
Getting away with it

I should’ve known
All along that you’d be
Getting away with it

This is the way
The trickle down flows
It’s never money
You know it’s just a pose
Track Name: The Kiss of Morning
The strip lights are on
in the hi rise
The sky has an orange
fluorescent hue
A city
of lost invitations
Shadows that walk
alongside of you

Wait for the kiss of morning
and then you’ll be gone
Don’t forget to remember
See the sun rise & salute another day
Look to the sky & wonder

A dog barks
a train rumbles by
The blue hour is
Drawing near
Our eyes meet but they’re distant
I can’t bring you any closer
to what’s here

Wait for the kiss of morning
and then I’ll be gone
Don’t forget to remember
See the sun rise & salute another day
Look to the sky & wonder
Track Name: Ruin
Please take me far away
I’ll sit on a mountain top
And I’ll shout all day
I’m lucky with what I’ve got

I really can’t complain
Mountain air I breathe easy
To come down, such a shame
Sea level makes me queasy

It's all about a ruin
But what went wrong
These things that have been brewing
For so long
Track Name: Press Send
I’m trying to shake some words to fall out of my head
Been trying so long I think my brain is dead
Then all of a sudden it all becomes clear
And now my fingers are frantically typing...

Do you get it that it's so very tough
To try to speak to you and say enough
Can I make myself clear?

This distance between is much more than the sea
You just can’t find your way to sail back to me
And look up, there’s goes another distress flare
It seems the storm clouds are gathering

I guess I’m trying to say I’m sorry my dear
For missing deadlines and never being near
I only hope that this message I write
Finds you well and not too lonely
Track Name: Everything
Half the time
You looked fine
But you knew everything

Don't shut me down
I need to know
You can tell me anything

The secret's out
We'll deal with the fall out
But please tell me everything
Track Name: Babel
They carpet bomb with their ideas
It does nothing to sway your fears

Sit in the corner little man
Count yourself lucky while you can

We wish the very best for you
but please will you just join the queue

Distract, disturb, disorganise
Let’s find out what you can despise

In this tower of babel
who speaks the language of you

We’ll speak to you while we can
But don’t expect you'll understand

In a blink of an eye it all comes clear
It’s down to them and their ideas
Track Name: You Versus the World
I know, you said
But say it again
Millions didn’t hear it the first time when..

Everyone’s shouting
No one is listening

Oh yeah, your view
Never seen it before
A million other versions not seen I’m sure

Let’s breathe deeply
Drink your coffee

It’s you…
...that thinks only you should be listened to

You’re angry, I know
You can’t let it lie
But sometimes let the storm pass by

The sun is shining
Whilst you’re whining

No one,
Can focus
It just all noise
Throw away the pram, throw away the toys

Pressure rising
With all that typing
Track Name: Abandoned Textile Mill
....the former silent majority......watch the latest terror alerts...........
............in small cities and communities.......there's a new kind of toilet paper....

....their fuelling the political rise.....in flyover country....fine tuning the message for the wolverine state.....

...in an abandoned textile mill....

...."We're sick and tired of what you people do"....

......with typical vague bombastic bluster.......not just scapegoats but solutions.....