Cloth Ears

by Mister Fusty



This album was created in February 2012 as part of the RPM Challenge.


released February 27, 2012

Written and recorded by Rob Gibson in North Tyneside, UK, February 2012.

For Andrea and the furry cover star.


all rights reserved



Mister Fusty Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Mister Fusty is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, who is based in Newcastle, UK. Rob started making music in his home studio in 2006 and has been releasing a steady stream of albums and EPs since. His style varies between electronic instrumentals and guitar-based vocal lo-fi indie pop. ... more

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Track Name: I Knew You
I knew you were leaving
You could hurt my feelings
Most of what I say is meaningless
I knew you the best

I knew you were lying
I knew I was complying
Most of what you say’s under duress
I knew you’d confess

Remember the days when we used to hang around
Remember the days causing trouble around town

Sit down at the table and hear a song
about how you got it right and I got it wrong
That’s not what we both want
So long
Track Name: Van Gogh Lanyard
I came to the city a week ago
Already I love it and it goes to show that I know
That this is right for me

I took a walk to get some air
Saw a Van Gogh Lanyard lying there and I know
That this is meant to be
Track Name: Twice Nightly Richard Whiteley
It’s twice nightly Richard Whiteley
The Calendar guy with Countdown Carol
I smile so sweetly at nostalgia creeping
Up on me like a long lost friend

Flashing fingers of Ted Rogers lingers
Rattles my head like a coin in a tin
Maybe I’m crazy, the past it haunts me
Cart me off inside Dusty Bin

The truth is clear
The past is dear
To us it’s home

Nancy it’s true, I can paint along with you
The past it seems a different colour
Mr. Men are my brethren
The clangers still on the moon
Track Name: The Same
We’ve been here before
a thousand times
and then some more
I can’t escape the feeling
of deja vu

It’s always going to be the same
Moving targets, shifting the blame
It’s always going to be the same

The gap is ever wide
getting wider
They say there’s nothing to hide
They’re lying
This sad sorry circle
goes round

It’s always going to be the same
nothing gets done, nothing to change
It’s always going to be the same

Leaders shift places
time after time
and remove the traces
of corruption
Don’t stand up for too long
you’ll soon be lying down
Track Name: Was Ist Das?
Siehe, wir hassen, wir streiten, es trennet uns Neigung und Meinung, aber es bleichet indes dir sich die Locke wie mir."/ "Look, we hate, we argue, our affectations and opinions drive a wedge between us. In the meantime your hair turns grey. Mine as well." - Friedrich Schiller
Track Name: Robert's Rocket
Every time I’m across the sea
There is a fire ignited in me
Trouble is that when I return
There’s nothing left no fuel to burn

I’m not getting any younger
The world’s not getting smaller
There’s really nothing left to prove
The perfect time to make my move

I’m thinking of the stratosphere
But I’m always just sitting here

321 gone! lift off into the sun
Oh my God, I think I’ve just hit someone
Day dreaming dread, it’s all just in my head
Flies past too fast, can’t leave it ‘til I’m dead

My co-pilot and me will zoom
And leave behind a sonic boom
Just you wait and watch our trip
We just need to build a rocket ship