by Mister Fusty



released October 14, 2013

Written & Recorded by Rob Gibson at Monkseaton Studios/Cullercoats Sound 2013
Cover photo by Andrea Gibson

For Kathleen and Percy.


all rights reserved



Mister Fusty Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Mister Fusty is the musical pseudonym of Rob Gibson, who is based in Newcastle, UK. Rob started making music in his home studio in 2006 and has been releasing a steady stream of albums and EPs since. His style varies between electronic instrumentals and guitar-based vocal lo-fi indie pop. ... more

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Track Name: Silver Clouds
I stepped out from the party
To fill my lungs with smoke
Looking up toward the hill
Below silvery clouds lit by the moon

A gathering of trees
Seem inviting to me
As I feel the cold night air
My alcohol coat wears thin

It’s funny how these moments stick with you
So young, seems like a hundred years ago.

I am frozen in time
Looking for significance
But finding nothing
Maybe just a perfect moment
Track Name: Arrival's the Best Part
Sights, the sounds, novelty abounds
Glad to be here glad to be around
Let's take a walk into the city
Where there's people, activity
crack the pavements and you will see

The sky is scraped and it is clean
Am I here? must be a dream
Nearly run down by a taxi
oh no..
Track Name: Wheels
Riding the bike along the street
Twists and turns don’t faze me
Obstacles and hindrance
Move out of my way I’m coming

A purpose, a drive, a destination
Propels me forwards, onwards
Faster, faster, until my head spins
Concentrate, must keep my eyes open

A clank, a dark shadow looms
From the corner of my eye
Too late to stop it’s destructive path
I leave my body behind.
Track Name: Push/Pull
Right door left door
what you gonna choose
Up a floor down a floor
What have you got to lose

Go through push through
It’s you that has to win
gotta keep moving forward
improve the place we’re in

Kill them crush them
Just get them out the way
Is this all we’ve come to
it’s all we have to say

Let's get moving on
we really must be moving on
Track Name: The Crow
Farmland fields stretch on and on
Hedgerows and flowers sway
The wind caresses fauna & fowl
On this blue sky coloured day

He’s above me, the crow
follows me wherever I go
He's above me, the crow
follows my footsteps in the snow

Standing by the riverbank
Watch the water turn and tumble
A grey canopy looms into view
As I hear a distant rumble

I am up-ended, my world is upside down
This world seems not quite right
My dreams seep underground
Track Name: Ken's Metro Meltdown
I'm feeling so bad now
I want to go home right now

I want to go home

I think I feel sick I'm going to pass out now
Track Name: Boketto
I know I’m going through the motions
to get me through day to day
but I can trust my own emotions
to keep those certain thoughts at bay

I want to wake up in the sun
and have my worry knots come undone
I’ll sit here & stare at the sea
until it’s reality
fingers in the ears and sing....

Maybe it’s because I’m lazy
perhaps a muddled mind
I just can’t find the energy
to keep my troubles behind

I’ll sit myself down by the sea
and gaze this day away
I wait for it all to come to me
but it doesn’t and I yet stay
Track Name: Last Orders at Dante's
I glance from my glasses at the gables
Teeny tiny dancer on the tables
I think I may have had too much wine
Patti pass me your purse I’ll feel fine

The street right outside is terribly loud
All the men make their mothers so so proud
Dante would love it in town tonight
It’s his Inferno here Saturday night

Sleep, peace, quiet in any order
Will do
But first I must raise hell for an hour or two

It was Mister Jäger who got me shot
Right through the head, gave it all he got
Now I have to find my own way home
Blurred vision and I’ve lost my phone